Remembering the Red & Blue: History of the University of West Georgia

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The University of West Georgia Office of the Provost and the Center for Public History are thrilled to announce the UWG History Project– a new endeavor devoted to the collection and preservation of the institution’s rich history.

Commencing Spring of 2016, the five-year project is guided by Center faculty and staff and implemented with the help of public history graduate and undergraduate students working with the Center. As an interdisciplinary venture, the project will facilitate collaboration among various academic departments and between faculty, staff, and students. Furthermore, the University History Project will reinforce UWG’s commitment to community engagement and academic excellence by highlighting the university’s central position in the West Georgia community and emphasizing the unwavering tradition of dedication to student and faculty success.

The final products of the plan–including digital exhibits, walking tours, physical exhibits and campus signage, a university oral history project, public programming, and a formal publication–will offer immersive, interactive, and meaningful experiences for past, present, and future students and faculty in connecting them to the university’s history and traditions.

Mission Statement: The UWG History Project documents, preserves, and shares the university’s past. The project connects former, present, and future students, as well as the broader university and regional community, to the school’s rich heritage.

Vision Statement: We believe that knowledge of the past enriches our community. Our vision is to inspire students, staff, faculty, and alumni to recognize the role they play in shaping UWG’s history. Through our experience at West Georgia, we share a common legacy and lifetime connection.

Meet the Team

  • Dr. Ann McCleary, Co-Director of the Center for Public History, Professor
  • Dr. Julia Brock, Co-Director of the Center for Public History, Assistant Professor
  • Keri Adams, Assistant Director of the Center for Public History
  • Kaitlin Costley, University History Project Coordinator
  • Hannah Givens, University History Project Co-coordinator

Previous CPH university-related history projects:

  • Hurricane Katrina oral history initiative and exhibit (on display in the Bonner House through Summer 2016)
  • University History Collection
  • “Fountain of Life”: First 50 Years of the University of West Georgia Walking Tour
  • “Journey to Equality”: Reflections of the African American Experience at West Georgia Walking Tour